Western Swine Testing Assoc.

Commercial Testing Programs

Our commercial testing service is useful to herds selecting their own gilt replacements or for special needs such as commercial product line evaluation, development of lean growth curves or evaluation of sow condition.  Our trained technicians ultrasonically evaluate backfat, loin size and lean yield %.  This information is combined with age and weight at probing to produce an economic index for each gilt in comparison to the test average.

There is a very positive benefit/cost relationship to testing commercial replacement gilts.  In Canada, an increase of 1% in lean yield corresponds to approximately 2 index points or a 2% increase in market hog value.  In addition, leaner, faster growing hogs use less feed to achieve market weight.  The following table shows the approximate value of a replacement gilt selected from the top 1/4, top 1/3 or top 1/2 of the herd compared to an average gilt.  This benefit is estimated based on current Western Canadian prices and 5 litters of 9 pigs produced per selected gilt.

For those interested in lean growth curves or simply in getting a handle on nutritional or other management problems, we can provide estimates of backfat and lean yield on groups of pigs sequentially at different weights or from different genetic sources or management groups.

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