Western Swine Testing Assoc.

Seedstock and Nucleus Testing

In the past 5 years genetic improvement has been responsible for 80% of progress in backfat and 67% of progress in growth rate in the Canadian swine population. 

Our core program is  the testing of purebred pigs in seedstock and in commercial nucleus units for growth, backfat, and litter size.  Together with our sister organizations in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes and the Canadian Center for Swine Improvement we test over 100,000 purebred pigs annually, one of the world's largest super nucleus populations.  Our program provides trained, nationally certified technicians and national Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) which compare each pig to the national average for the breed.  EBV's are currently produced for Backfat, Age at 100 kg. and litter size.  Soon to be added are loin eye area, % lean and lean in the loin as well as the meat quality traits of loin colour, loin marbling and drip loss.

Herds in out of the way locations can arrange for training and certification of a technician and test under our owner tester

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